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Best Social Media Campaigns In Nigeria

How To Make MORE Money From Facebook Marketing Campaigns

The best social media campaigns are marketing campaigns in social media networks (like Facebook) that help your business make the most money.

Most social media advertisers in Nigeria do not know how to create and manage this type of marketing campaigns.


Simple. They lack knowledge of what works. And knowledge is power.

Actually, in this case, knowledge is money.

If you're not doing social media marketing campaigns right, your ad costs will be comparatively higher than those of your competitors. And your marketing ROI will be terrible.

In simple words . . . you will lose money if you do not implement the best social media campaigns for your business.

What will happen when you keep losing money to social media advertising?

Of course, you will stop advertising on Facebook when you're spending more than you're earning from the platform.

Bottom line.

It is absolutely important to use the best social media campaign strategy if you want to get more customers and increase sales through social media marketing campaigns.

Elements of The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns

So, what are the elements of the best social media marketing campaigns?

Let's consider a marketing campaign in Facebook as an example.

Elements of the best Facebook marketing campaigns include:

1. The ad copy has a simple and clear message that touches the emotions of viewers

Best Social Media Marketing Campaigns Nigeria

2. The campaign creative uses exciting to watch, viral type videos

3. The campaign targets the right audience for the product or service being advertised

4. The landing page when ad is clicked: Click-to-messenger ads get higher conversion rate than click-to-website ads

5. The campaign ads offer a FREE gift, which results in more engagement and more leads and customers

6. The campaigns use Facebook messenger marketing software, which is a conversational marketing software that results in higher conversion rate and higher marketing ROI

7. Leads from the marketing campaigns are stored in customers database for easier follow up

8. The messenger conversational marketing software is used to segment leads to pre-qualify them

9. Retargeting campaigns to follow up on qualified leads until they buy

10. Remarketing campaigns to get existing customers to buy again and again from your business

Nigeria Digital Marketing - What Can You Give For Free?

FREE stuff attract a lot of people.

The promise of something FREE gets people taking immediate action.

My question to you is this: when you advertise your products or services in social media sites like Facebook, do you want potential customers to take immediate action or you want then to postpone taking action?

Second question: Would you like potential customers who find your offer to share the offer with friends and family or not?

If your answer to the two questions above is a resounding YES, then you need to offer something for FREE as part of your social media marketing campaign.

Giving out free stuff as part of your Facebook marketing campaign entices people to connect with you right away (in hopes of winning the free gift).

The promise of free stuff also entices social media users to share your product or service ad (containing the offer) with friends in the hopes that someone they love would win too.

Are you seeing the big picture?

More people connecting with your social media campaign (or Facebook advertising campaign) . . . and sharing it with their network of friends and family . . . means more leads and MORE customers for you.

In addition, the frenzied sharing means more people get to see your offer for the same ad price. Therefore, your customer acquisition cost drops.

That is why the best social media campaigns always include a FREE gift as part of the copy!

But what can you offer for free to get more customers from Facebook?

If you own a restaurant, you can offer a "FREE MEAL For Two" to couples celebrating their wedding anniversary. Or you can offer a Buy One, Get One FREE (BOGO) contest.

If you are selling tickets to an event, you can run a contest where you give 5 tickets for FREE to 5 Contest Winners.

If you're a dentist, you can run a contest where you offer FREE Teeth Whitening to Contest Winners.

. . . and so on.

Here's one important thing to keep in mind.

What you offer for free should be related to what you're selling in order for you to attract Facebook users who can be converted to paying customers.

Adopt The Best Social Media Campaigns - Get More Customers! Make More Money! Grow Your Business!

Did you get the point?

The best digital marketing strategy to get more new customers (and repeat purchases by existing customers) is not just a one off social media marketing campaign.

It is a series of marketing campaigns targeted at getting new leads (and customers) and retaining your existing customers. And all of this should be powered by an integrated digital marketing software.

Ready to get more customers and make more money?

Want to use the best social media campaign strategy to ensure the get more customers and make MORE money faster?

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