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Nigeria Digital Branding Advertising Strategy

Secret Branding Ads Strategy To Get 30% More Customers From Facebook

The Nigeria digital branding advertising strategy used by Samson Itoje can help you increase the conversion rate of your social media advertising by as much as 30%.

You may wonder: Which digital marketing platform can deliver extra 30% new customers with our branding strategy?

The digital marketing platform that delivers this kind of branding campaign result with our strategy is social media branding campaign on Facebook.

How are we able to get this level of increased sales with Facebook branding advertising campaigns?

Simple. We implement what we call direct response branding advertising.

Beware of Old School Digital Branding Strategy

Most social media branding campaigns run by many Nigeria social media professionals focus on purely awareness campaigns.

When these old school social media specialists tell you they want to run social media branding campaigns for your product or service, what they really mean is that they want to run social media awareness campaigns.

Branding Advertising Nigeria

These types of branding campaigns often use Facebook reach ads to get the word out about new offers by specific brands.

Often the goal is to notify people about the specific brand's . . .

  • New releases
  • New arrivals
  • New recipe
  • New locations opening for business

. . . or anything else the business or brand wishes to announce.

Most branding advertising by old school social media experts make very little sales for the companies that own the brand.

Why is that the case?

The reason is because these types of branding advertising campaigns were not designed to make money in the first place.

As the name indicates, conventional (or old school) social media branding campaigns seek to . . .

1. Emphasize the quality of a product by highlighting that it was made by a respected company and / or

2. Keep show-casing the product to prospects with the hope that seeing the branding campaigns will move them to shop for the products at their local stores

Bottom line.

Most social media branding campaigns designed by old school marketers do not give any incentives to entice prospect (or leads) to take purchasing action immediately.

No wonder most Facebook branding advertising campaigns by Nigeria old school Facebook specialists make very little money!

Direct Response Branding Advertising - New Strategy To Increase Sales With Branding Campaigns!

The good news is this . . . you don't have to be part of this kind of losing social media campaigns anymore.

The solution?

Use our state-of-the-art Facebook branding advertising strategy.


What makes our Nigeria Facebook advertising strategy different from those of other conventional specialists?

Simple. Our Facebook branding campaign strategy is designed to make your business EXTRA money.

This Facebook branding campaign strategy seeks to help your business increase sales by increasing the conversion rate of your digital marketing campaigns on Facebook.

In fact, our Facebook branding advertising strategy can help you grow your digital marketing conversion rate by as much as 30%.

How is that possible?

It is because we use a two-prong strategy.

Phase 1: We use our Facebook marketing software (which is a conversational marketing software) in conjunction with campaigns that include incentives that compel leads to take action immediately.

The above campaign strategy is the best social media campaign strategy because it ensures you get a high lead-to-customer conversion rate.

Phase 2: We follow up with our unique Facebook branding ads strategy, which targets only warm leads from phase 1 mentioned above.

This holistic branding advertising approach automatically results in a further increase in conversion rate by as much as 30% .

Higher conversion rate EQUALS more money in your pocket!

Want your Facebook branding advertising campaign to become a money making machine?

Want to increase your Facebook advertising conversion rate, get more customers for the same advertising spend and make MORE money?

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P.S: FACEBOOK is a trademark of FACEBOOK, Inc. This Nigeria digital marketing website is not part of Facebook Inc. This site is NOT endorsed by Facebook. It was created by Samson Itoje, the Nigeria digital marketing specialist, to help businesses in Nigeria succeed with marketing on Facebook (and other social media platforms).

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