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Conversational Marketing Software Nigeria

Increase Sales With Automated Digital Marketing Conversations Software

Nigeria conversational marketing solutions are digital marketing software solutions that help your business start conversations with prospects, nurture them and then get them to buy from your business.

The more conversations the software has with potential customers the more customers you get for your business.

In simple words . . . automated digital conversations with potential customers (using a conversational digital marketing software) has a higher conversion rate than regular, non-conversational marketing solutions.

This means that software powered, automated marketing conversations is a marketing strategy that increase sales faster than other digital marketing strategies.

You may wonder: "Why does conversational marketing software increase sales faster than other forms of digital marketing?"

It is because sales happens in real life when sales people have marketing conversations with potential customers.

The conversational digital marketing software does exactly the same thing. But this time, it all happens automatically.

Automated Conversations With Prospects - How It Works

Business owners in Nigeria know for a certainty that the best sales people are those who are better at networking and speaking to people.

The more people a sales person interacts with, speaks with and builds relationship with, the closer he is to getting the sale. And the more sales he actually generates for the business he represents.

Conversational Marketing Nigeria

In summary . . . relationship building (or relationship marketing) leads to more conversations, which leads to more sales.

This concept of selling through conversations is built into the Nigeria digital conversational marketing software we provide. Therefore, the conversational marketing software is, indeed, a relationship marketing software.

The process works like this:

1. The business owner tells us the product or service that generate steady income for her business

2. She also tells us the conversations that generate the most sales for her business

3. Then she tells us the process she takes the prospective customer through before they reach the emotional point where they make a purchase

4. We configure the conversations (and sales process) into the conversational marketing software

5. We run direct response advertising campaigns for the business owner, which are the best social media campaigns because they make the most money for business owners

6. When a prospect clicks on the ad, the conversational digital marketing software starts a marketing conversation with the prospect

7. The conversational style of the interaction endears the prospect to your business

8. Then prospects buy from you and become your customers

The conversational nature of the automated marketing conversations delivered to prospects by the software results in a higher conversation rate, lower customer acquisition cost and increased sales

Conversational Marketing Software - Facebook Messenger Conversations

What is the preferred marketing conversations platform we use for Nigeria businesses?

We use Facebook Messenger conversations platform for our clients.

Conversational Marketing Software Nigeria

Our conversational marketing software integrates seamlessly with Facebook messenger. And this empowers your business to have marketing conversations with potential customers. Thereby resulting in increased sales for your business.

Want to get more customers for your business?

Want reduced customer acquisition cost and increased sales and profit?

Then you should check out our conversational marketing software.

Click HERE for FREE demo to experience how this marketing conversations software works and how it can help you get more customers and grow your business.

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