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Customer Acquisition Cost In Nigeria

Reduce Cost And Increase Profit With Digital Marketing

What is the customer acquisition cost for your Nigeria business?

In simpler words: how much does your business spend to acquire one new customer?

Most likely you don't know.

Why am I certain that there's a high probability that you don't know?

It is because most business owners in Nigeria I have asked that question do not know.

This is sad because if a business owner does not know the amount of money he spends per customer acquired, it means that he is not measuring it. And when you do not measure something you cannot improve on it.


Why is knowing the customer acquisition cost for your business so important?

Simple. The higher the amount of money spent per customer acquired, the lower the return on your marketing investment.

Put differently . . . higher customer acquisition cost means lower profit for your business.

Yes, higher costs eat away at your profit!

How To Lower Cost Per New Customer Acquired With Nigeria Digital Marketing

Adopting Nigeria digital marketing as the primary lead generation strategy for your business can substantially lower the cost of acquiring new customers.


It is because lead generation with digital marketing cost far less than lead generation with non-digital platforms like radio, TV and billboards, especially when your digital advertising campaigns are setup (and managed) by a Nigeria digital marketing specialist.

It gets even more interesting.

Customer Acquisition Cost Nigeria

When you implement digital marketing in your business using the Facebook conversational marketing software (called messenger marketing software), you're assured of getting more leads per dollar spent.

In addition, the conversational marketing style of the Facebook messenger marketing software assures you of higher conversion rate.

Remember . . .

Lower cost per lead + higher conversion rate = lower customer acquisition cost

Similarly . . .

Lower cost per customer acquired EQUALS higher profit for you (all things being equal).

Guess what.

When your digital marketing campaigns on a social media platform life Facebook is profitable, you will keep running the campaigns week after week, month after month and year in year out.

Bottom line.

Achieving lower cost per customer acquired means your business will stay profitable year after year!

No wonder this is so important!

Lower Customer Acquisition Cost Happens By Design NOT By Accident

It may surprise you to know that your Facebook marketing campaigns can help you achieve lower customer acquisition cost, especially if you have tried advertising on Facebook before and made little or no sales.

So, can you really increase sales and reduce costs with Facebook advertising?

The answer is a resounding . . . YES!

If that is the case, why have you (and many Facebook advertisers like you) failed to make sufficient sales from your Facebook marketing campaigns?

The simple answer is this . . . achieving sufficiently low customer acquisition cost (and increasing sales) through Facebook advertising doesn't happen by accident. It happens by design.

Here's a breakdown of how we design our Facebook advertising campaigns to ensure our clients achieve low client acquisition cost (and increase sales).

First, we use direct response advertising campaigns, which are advertising campaigns that offer a FREE gift to entice prospects to take action immediately.

Second, we implement Facebook marketing software with all our marketing campaigns on Facebook.

Third, we use a customer database software to store the names, email addresses and phone numbers of everyone who responded to the marketing campaigns we run for our clients on Facebook. This data collection process is essential for effective remarketing to further increase sales for our clients.

Fourth, we automatically follow up with our client's prospects (using email and SMS marketing automation tools) to increase conversion rate as well as increase sales for our client's businesses.

The combination of our . . .

  • Direct response advertising strategy PLUS
  • Facebook messenger marketing software PLUS
  • Customer database software PLUS
  • Automatic follow-up

. . . ensures we deliver lower customer acquisition cost plus long-term sales increase for our clients.

Are you ready to lower customer acquisition cost for your business, get more customers and increase sales?

Click HERE for FREE consultation with Samson Itoje, the Nigeria digital marketing specialist.

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