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Digital Customer Database Software Nigeria - Low Cost List Building Software

Build Your Own Customer Database. Market To Them Any Time You Need To Increase Sales.

We offer digital customer database software for businesses in Nigeria.

Our digital client database software helps businesses keep digital record of the names, email and phone numbers of their customers. And this record is stored in a secure online server.

Why is a digital customer database software important for every business in Nigeria?

The reason is obvious.

When you have a database of your customers, it becomes possible for you to reach out to them at any time.

Guess what.

When you can reach out to your trusted customers any time you wish to, especially with offers that entice them to return to shop with you again, then your business is guaranteed long-term profit.

Customer Database Equals MORE sales And More Money For Your Business!

Consider the following example.

Suppose you own a Nigeria restaurant with 10,000 loyal customers. And you have the name, email addresses and phone numbers of these loyal customers stored in your digital customer database software on our server.

Digital Customer Database Software Nigeria

Now suppose your restaurant is running a special contest (over a one-month period) to increase sales.

Who is likely to be excited about winning the grand prize of, say, FREE Dinner For Two at your restaurant?

Would it be people who hear about the contest on radio or TV (but have never experienced the awesomeness of your restaurant) or your loyal customers?

Of course, your loyal restaurant customers are likely to be more excited about participating in the special contest than total strangers.

If you have 10,000 loyal customers in your client database and only 5 percent of them participate in the contest, you will have 500 additional sales for that month.

If 10 percent of your loyal customers participate in the special contest, you will have 1,000 additional sales for that month.

Get the point?

Having a digital customer database EQUALS more money for your business!

Digital Customer Database Software Gives You Access To Low Cost Advertising!

What lesson did you learn from the scenario described above?

Well, the above scenario highlights one of the key benefits of using a digital customer database software.

The benefit is this: It is cheaper to advertise to people who are already your customers (and whose personal details are in your database) than advertising to complete strangers.

No wonder list building, building your customer database, is one of the key secret to business success.

In fact, according to Forbes, it cost 5 times more to attract a new customer than to retain an existing customer.

In simple words . . . if it cost you $1 to get your existing customers to return to shop with you again, it will cost you about $5 (or more) to get a total stranger to come to your shop to buy from you for the first time.

You see, an existing customer who is loyal to your brand already like and trust your brand. They do not need to see your ad for a new product (or new delicacy from your chef) 20 times before they decide to try it out.

On the other hand, strangers are skeptical and need to see ads promoting your product or service offering again and again and again . . . 10 to 20 times (or more) before curiosity sets in and they decide to shop at your store.

From the above, it is clear that you need to focus on customer retention if you want to grow a long-term business.

The first step in that regard is to keep a digital record of all your customers. And that is exactly what our digital customer database software helps you accomplish.

Build Your Digital Customer Database At Low Cost!

The good news is this . . . our digital customer database software is built into (or integrated into) our Facebook messenger marketing software.

This means that our Facebook marketing software actually does 4 things:

1. It markets your products or services on Facebook

2. Attract customers from Facebook to your business

3. Stores those customers in the customer database section of our Facebook digital marketing software and

4. Provides a follow-up system that allows you to market to people in your digital database any time in the future to increase sales

Digital Client Database Software Nigeria

Yes, this is indeed an all-in-one, low cost digital customer database software for businesses in Nigeria.

In addition, our client database software is a web based software.

This means you can access your customer database anywhere you go (and on any computer) when you use our customer database software.

WOW! That is awesome!

Want to have access to all your customers any time, anywhere?

Want to build a list of loyal customers so you can significantly cut your marketing costs and increase your profit?

Click HERE for a FREE DEMO of our client database software.

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