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Customer Relationship Management System Nigeria

Get Improved Customer Experience, Improved Brand Loyalty, And Increased Sales With Nigeria Digital Marketing.

Do you have an effective customer relationship management system in your business or organisation?

That is a serious question. So, pause for a moment and think about it before your reply.

You see, Nigerians are generally nice and hospital people. And this often shows in their relationship with neighbours.

However, when it comes to customer relationship management, most businesses in Nigeria do not have a structured system for managing customer issues.

Yes, a lot of companies in Nigeria literally say "the customer is king" but this statement often does not show in the way they handle customer complaints.

So, what can you or your company do to establish an effective customer relationship management system?

We will consider that subject shortly.

But, First, let's unpack the importance of having a structured and effective customer support system.

The Importance of Customer Relationship Marketing System

Virtually every business owner I have met tell me they want to get more customers for their business.

Of course, getting more customers for your business is essential to the long-term survival and growth of your business.

Customer Relationship Management System Nigeria

However, you need to understand that having an effective customer relationship management system that is quick at handling customer complaints is key to retaining existing customers and even getting new customers.

You see, when your business (or organisation) is known for poor customer support (or poor customer service), the word will quickly spread to potential customers.

This means that even people who have not done business with you before (but who need your products or services), will be wary of doing business with you.

Yes, bad news travel fast!

The above short explanation highlights the importance of having an effective customer relationship management system.

In summary, establishing and maintaining an effective customer management system . . .

  1. Results in great reviews from satisfied customers
  2. Helps with new customer acquisition
  3. Increases customer loyalty
  4. Improves customer retention and
  5. Increases profitability


What kind of customer relationship management system can be considered an effective system?

Well, an effective customer support system must first have the commitment of top management.

Many businesses have tried to improve their customer management system (and post purchase customer support) by appointing a customer experience manager. That is a good move.

Nevertheless, while that may have resulted in some improvement in overall customer experience, that did not completely address the problem for most organisations.

Some companies have gone a step further by appointing customer experience directors.

Having a director at the head of your organisation's customer relationship management system is a power move which gives the customer service team the authority required to get things done at the highest level of management.

I salute the courage of the board of directors who make this kind of move. That is a signal to everyone in the organisation that management, indeed, believes that the customer is king. And that they are willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.

However, something is still missing in the quest for an effective customer relationship management system. And that "something" is . . . data.

Customer Relationship Management System - Data Is King! And Digital Marketing Is King of Data!

The most effective customer relationship management systems are those systems designed to identify problems before they escalate into full-blown crisis.

Believe me, you do not want full-blown crisis in your business, especially a problem that results in mass sharing of bad information about your business in social media.

News about bad customer experience at your office, branch, restaurant location (if you own a restaurant) can be posted on social media by a dissatisfied customer. And that bad report can spread like wild fire in a matter of hours on social media resulting in millions of views before you (or management) become aware of it.

That kind of viral negative information about your business on social media can substantially affect your sales negatively. And, if not managed properly, that single incident can result in huge losses for your business.

Therefore, your customer relationship management system must pick up issues raised by customers as they happen. So you can address them promptly.

How will your business (or organisation) pick up issues promptly?

Simple. By implementing a customer relationship management software for your business or organisation.

Yes, you need data . . . real-time data . . . about customer service issues to take prompt decisions that maintain the 5-star rating of your brand. And that is exactly what a customer relationship management software help you accomplish.

A well designed customer relationship management software will have a feedback system that prompts every customer who does business with you to give a feedback about their experience with your business.

Customer feedback is often referred to as customer reviews.

The good news is this . . . we have a customer relationship management software that does exactly that.

Actually, we provide two customer relationship marketing software:

1. A customer support software, which help Nigeria businesses provide 24/7 customer support to prospects and customers and

2. A customer relationship management software

Our customer relationship management software is integrated into our Nigeria digital marketing software, which empowers your business to generate new leads, help convert a good percentage of those leads to customers and then request digital feedback from those customers.

The best part is . . . all customer feedback are stored in a secure server, which is accessible to the members of your customer support team.

Customers can post their experience on the platform 24/7 and your team have access to all their info 24/7.

Now you can address all customer service issues promptly and avoid the kind of crisis that could negatively affect your sales now and in the future.

Want customer service data at your finger tips?

Want real-time customer feedback data to help your business increase customer retention and sales?

Click HERE for FREE consultation with Samson Itoje to discuss how our customer relationship management software can help your business.

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