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Automated Customer Support Software Nigeria

Automated Instant Replies. 24/7 Customer Support. Improved Customer Experience. Increased Sales.

Does your Nigeria business use a customer support software?

If it does not, then customer service will be a nightmare for both prospects and customers.


Simple. When your business does not use a customer service software . . .

  • Your business cannot provide automated 24/7 support for prospect and customers
  • Your business could have a backlog of enquiries unattended to
  • Waiting times will increase and this will drive prospects and customers to the open arms of your competitors
  • Your customer support costs will be much higher than those of competitors with similar business operations and
  • You could lose money with each passing day

You should not allow this to happen to your business!

Your competitors will steal your market share!

The Problem With 9am To 5pm Customer Service

We offer automated customer support software that empowers businesses (both small and big) to provide 24/7 support to prospects and customers.

Prospects are potential customers who are interested in buying your product or service. But they want answers to a few questions they have before going ahead with the purchase.

Customer Support Software Nigeria

On the other hand, customers have already bought from you. Now they have post-purchase questions.

Of course, your in-house customer service team can answer all enquiries by prospects and customers during official hours, which is usually between 9am to 5pm.

Unfortunately, a lot of sales and marketing enquiries (as well as post-purchase questions) will be sent to your business after official hours.

What happens when people contact your business outside official hours?

What happens when prospects (or customers) message your business by 10pm or 2am?

Of course, your customer service team will respond to their request when they resume the next day.

Guess what.

Prospects or customers who ask questions by 10pm or 2am (when you're officially closed for business) expect a reply. And they expect you to reply within 5 to 10 minutes.

According to Small Biz Trends, a research by Hubspot indicates that 82 percent of consumers expect brands to provide immediate answers to sales and marketing questions.

Yes, this is the social media generation. And the trend is instant replies. So, they want instant response from your business.

What happens when your business does not provide instant replies to enquiries?

Prospects move over to Google (Google.com) and search for another company providing that same service or product.

When they search in Google and find another Nigeria company selling the same product or service as you do, they will message them the same way they messaged your business.

If that competitor provides instant response and answer their questions satisfactorily, you have lost that sale to the competitor.

How can a competitor provide instant response to prospect and customer enquiries at odd hours?

It is because they have implemented a customer support software for their business and you have not.

How Automated Customer Service Software Works

Prospects and customers often ask a series of questions. And if you have been documenting those questions over the last 1, 2 or 3 years, you will by now have two lists.

First, a list of questions that potential buyers of your product ask.

Second, a list of post-purchase questions that customers ask.

Here's how the customer support software will provide instant response to all enquiries.

1. You supply us the list of all the pre-purchase questions and answers. And all the post-purchase questions and answers.

2. We load all the questions and answers in the database of the Nigeria customer support software

3. We place a SEND US A MESSAGE link on the contact page of your company web site, which opens the chat window of the customer service software

NOTE: If you do not have a company website, the customer service software will be connected to the Facebook page of your business. The customer support software will be activated when prospects or customers click the SEND MESSAGE button on your Facebook business page

4. When prospects or customers send your business a message any time of the day (even at 2am when you're asleep), the software will provide instant response to them and give them an opportunity to choose if they are an existing customer or they are looking to buy

5. When they specify the category they belong, they will then be given opportunity to ask their question

6. The software will therafter respond to their question with the reply that is programmed into the software

Increase Sales With Our Low Cost Customer Support Software!

The good news is this . . . we offer a customer support software right here in Nigeria.

Our Nigeria customer service software helps businesses in Nigeria offer 24/7 customer support to prospects and customers.

The beauty of the customer service software we provide is that it is integrated with Facebook Messenger.

This means that no software download is required. That is, your prospects and customers do not need to download any software to interact with your business via this customer support software.

Once we have setup your business to offer automated replies to prospects and customers, those conversations with prospects and customers will take place through the Facebook messenger app that is already on their phones.

How will potential customers find your business in order to have a conversation that could lead to a purchase?

Prospects and customers can start a conversation with your business in two ways:

The first route is when they visit your website and try to contact you through the contact page of your business website (or when they click the SEND MESSAGE button of your Facebook business page).

Prospects can also find your product or service offers through the Facebook messenger ads we setup for you (if you order our Facebook Advertising Services).

The direct response advertising incentives included in the ads will entice a sizable number of people to click on it. And once they click on it, the customer support software kicks in with a welcome message.

When the prospect responds to the welcome message from your business page, our customer service software (also called a chatbot) will instantly reply with pre-programmed messages that will take the prospect through the sales funnel and answer the prospect's questions. This will eventually lead to a sale.

Yes, our customer support software also helps your business increase sales!

Remember . . .

Our customer support software helps your business . . .

  • Provide instant response to enquiries by prospective customers
  • Offer 24/7 customer support to existing customers
  • Provide Consistent sales and marketing message to prospects
  • Improve customer experience
  • Increase customer retention
  • Increase conversion rate and
  • Increase sales

Want to avoid losing potential customers to competitors?

Want to increase sales?

Click HERE for FREE consultation with Samson Itoje, the Nigeria digital marketing specialist who is passionate about helping Nigeria businesses increase sales and profit.

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