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Data Driven Marketing Nigeria - ROI Focused Marketing Investment

Data driven marketing is not a very popular concept in Nigeria.

Most Nigeria business owners understand that marketing is essential for business growth. Therefore, they invest substantial amount into marketing.

However, most business owners spend almost all of their marketing budget on offline marketing. And little or nothing on digital marketing.

What is wrong with that?

The problem is this: offline marketing techniques like radio, TV, billboard, and newspaper advertising are not trackable.

Yes, you know how much your business invested into marketing in these offline media. But what is your marketing ROI?

In simpler words . . . how much revenue did your marketing investment generate in sales for your business?

Of course, you don't know because offline marketing is not trackable.

Data Driven Marketing Nigeria

Worse still, the companies who pride themselves in selling offline marketing campaigns to you cannot provide you the essential data you need to make smart strategic growth decisions.

Bottom line.

Data driven marketing cannot be achieved in Nigeria (or anywhere else) with offline marketing.

So, what is the best way to implement data driven marketing in your business?

The solution is to adopt digital marketing in your Nigeria business.

Digital Marketing Analytics - Essential Data For Business Growth

One of the key benefits of digital marketing on social media platforms is that it gives you access to data about your potential customers.

For example, digital marketing on Facebook gives you access to the following information and data:

  • Names of potential customers
  • Email addresses of potential customers
  • Phone numbers of potential customers
  • Group of potential customers who watched a certain percentage of your sales video (the higher the percentage watched the higher their interest)
  • Ability to retarget potential customers who watched a certain percentage of your sales video
  • Ability to locate other users on Facebook who share similarities with customers who bought from you through Facebook (and, hence, increase the pool of potential customers you can market to and convert to paying customers)
  • Ability to automatically create a customer database for your business based on customers acquired from Facebook

. . . and much more.

Do you get the point?

Can you see the difference between data driven marketing made possible through digital marketing on social media versus the lack of data and tracking capability that is associated with traditional marketing systems?

Benefits of Data Driven Marketing

Data driven marketing, which is made possible through digital marketing, enables you to calculate the marketing ROI of your business.

In simple words . . . digital marketing let's you track how much you invested in digital marketing, how much money the amount invested brought to your business and what audience (or location) produced the most sales at the lowest cost.

What happens when you discover (through the sales tracking capability of digital marketing) that you have achieved positive marketing ROI?

Of course, you will invest more in the social media audience that delivered a positive ROI for your business.

Yes, when your digital marketing campaigns make you a lot of money, you will invest more in it to make even MORE money.

In summary . . .

Data driven marketing is a process whereby business owners invest in social media marketing campaigns that gives them access to prospect (and customer) data that empowers them to make smart business decisions that increase sales and profit for their business.

The benefits of data driven digital marketing includes:

  • Higher conversion rate
  • Real-time sales tracking and
  • Increased sales and profit

Want higher marketing ROI?

Want real-time sales tracking?

Want increased sales?

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