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Best Digital Marketing Plan Nigeria - Strategy To Get More Clients And Increase Sales

What is the best digital marketing plan?

Simple answer . . . the best digital marketing strategy is a social media marketing strategy that focuses on both new customer acquisition techniques and remarketing to existing customers to increase sales.

You see, continual acquisition of new customers is the soul of any business.

Businesses usually have a yearly revenue growth target. And to achieve that annual growth target, businesses need new customers.

For example, your revenue growth target may be 10% revenue growth year on year.

For that to happen, you must implement a proven strategy to attract new customers to your business every week, every month and every year.

The Forgotten Gold Mine - Existing Customers

We have already established that you need to grow your customer base year on year to continually increase sales year on year.

Unfortunately, many businesses are so invested in acquiring new customers to grow their customer base that they do little or no marketing to existing customers.

Digital Marketing Plan Nigeria

In fact, many businesses claim to be building their customer base but don't actually have a formal database with a list of the names, email and phone numbers of their customers.

It gets even worse.

Many businesses seem to have an unwritten belief about their customers that reads like this: "They are already our customers. They already love our product. They are going nowhere. So we don't need to spend resources on marketing to them".

Guess what.

That kind of belief is dangerous to your long-term profit.


The simple reason is: Customers don't owe you anything. They are not yours forever.

If a competitor suddenly start offering attractive incentives to existing customers and you still don't, their friends will tell them about it. And off they go.

Yes, your customers can dump you in favour of your competitor if they feel the competitor offer better incentives to existing customers.

Bottom line.

If you want to substantially grow the revenue of your business year on year, your digital marketing plan must include a remarketing strategy directed at existing customers.

The Best Marketing Plan - Two Prong Marketing Campaigns

As mentioned above, the best digital marketing plan is a two prong marketing strategy.

The first campaign strategy is social media customer acquisition marketing strategy.

This social media marketing and customer acquisition strategy include:

1. Life events marketing campaigns (Example: Anniversary marketing) and

2. Contest marketing campaigns

The second marketing strategy is marketing targeted at existing customers.

This marketing strategy involves building a list of potential customers and then implementing a customer loyalty program that offer rewards to existing customers for repeat purchases from your business.

The benefits of establishing a customer loyalty program that reward loyal customers include:

  • Improved customer service
  • Improved brand loyalty
  • Increased customer retention and
  • Increased sales

Bottom line.

Want to increase sales year on year?

Want to substantially grow your business revenue year on year?

Implement this two prong marketing strategy using our digital marketing software.

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