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Digital Marketing Software Nigeria

Software Tools You Need To Sell Online To Get More Customers And Make MORE Money

Nigeria digital marketing software empowers business owners in Lagos Nigeria (and all over the country) to launch their digital marketing campaigns with software tools that is guaranteed to help them get more customers and make more money from their businesses.

You may wonder, "what is the importance of using a digital software when implementing a digital marketing campaign?"

Simple Answer . . . Using an online marketing software in your digital marketing campaign is important because the goal of digital marketing is to . . .

  1. Automatically get more leads for your business
  2. Automatically follow-up with those leads
  3. Convert a sizable portion of those leads to paying customers
  4. Automatically provide after sales support to those customers
  5. Keep in touch with those customers so you can sell to them again in the future and
  6. Keep your overall marketing costs as low as possible so you can increase your profit

For all of the above goals to be achieved, you need a Nigeria digital marketing software.

Nigeria Digital Marketing Made Simple Through Automation Software

Most Nigeria business owners do not use any digital marketing software for their digital marketing campaigns.

This is the very reason why most business owners in Nigeria who launch digital marketing campaigns fail at it.

Digital Marketing Software Nigeria

The good news is . . . we provide digital marketing platforms for Nigeria businesses to launch their digital marketing campaigns. And you can take advantage of our digital marketing platform anywhere you do business in Lagos (and anywhere you do business in Nigeria).

Remember . . . using a digital sales and marketing software for your digital campaigns empowers you to introduce marketing automation into your marketing campaigns. And automation results in lower cost and higher profit.

So, what digital sales and marketing software do you actually need to achieve all the goals of digital marketing listed above?

Digital Marketing Software Tools - Options Available For Your Business

The first digital marketing software you need is what we call Facebook marketing software.

This Facebook marketing software empowers businesses in Nigeria to advertise their products and services through Facebook messenger.

This software helps you achieve objective #1 listed above, which is to get leads automatically from digital platforms. It also helps you achieve objective #4, which is to provide automatic after sales support to your customers.

Digital Marketing Software Tools Nigeria

The second digital marketing software you need is a software that allows you to follow-up automatically with potential clients so you can eventually convert them to paying customers.

We also provide that automatic follow-up software for businesses in Nigeria. That software is called chat marketing software.

The chat marketing software we provide empowers you to keep the conversation going with potential clients until they buy from you. And you can get that from us anywhere you live or do business in Nigeria.

The Nigeria chat marketing software helps you achieve objectives #2 & #3 above.

What if your business (or company) already have a web site and you want to provide LIVE support to prospects and customers who visit your web site?

You can use our live chat for website digital software.

This software is a virtual assistant software that answers all your prospects and customers questions automatically, 24/7 . . . even while you sleep.

Digital Customer Database Software And Sales Tracking In Nigeria

The fifth objective of digital marketing, as mentioned above, is keeping in touch with customers digitally so you can sell to them again in the future.

But how do you keep in touch with people whose personal details you do not have?

This is the very reason why we provided the Nigeria customer database software.

This digital customer database software is designed to help businesses in Nigeria build their own customer list, their own target customer audience. And they can market to this customer list (or audience) again and again at lower cost.

What about sales tracking? Is there a way to automate that too?

Of course!

We have a digital sales tracking software, which keeps a record of all the sales you made through your digital marketing campaigns.

This sales database enables you to determine how much money your digital marketing campaigns have brought to your business.

Guess what.

When you have a record of the total sales from your digital marketing campaigns, you can calculate your marketing roi, unlike TV, radio and billboards ads with no way of tracking roi.

Yes, our digital sales tracking software helps you get the best return on your marketing investment!

Marketing Automation And Online Reputation Management Software

The final category of digital marketing software you need are . . .

The three digital software above combine to help you reduce customer acquisition costs, increase conversion rate, get more customers for your business, increase your customer retention rate and make more money from your business.

Digital Marketing Software Tools - Low Cost Automation Software For Businesses In Nigeria

When you look at the list of digital marketing software above, you may wonder if you can afford it.

The good news is . . . we offer these digital sales and marketing software at low cost to businesses in Nigeria.

You can buy one or two of these digital marketing software packages now and add others to it as your business grows.

Click HERE for a FREE DEMO of our digital marketing software.

P.S: FACEBOOK is a trademark of FACEBOOK, Inc. This Nigeria digital marketing website is not part of Facebook Inc. This site is NOT endorsed by Facebook. It was created by Samson Itoje, the Nigeria digital marketing specialist, to help businesses in Nigeria succeed with marketing on Facebook (and other social media platforms).

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