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Digital Direct Response Advertising Nigeria - Get Instant Sales. Instant Cash.

Digital direct response advertising in Nigeria produce instant sales and cash flow for your business.

You see, the goal of every business owner in Nigeria is to get more customers for their business. And many Nigeria businesses understand that the way to get more customers is to advertise.

However, very few businesses (and their management team) understand the power of digital direct response marketing. And, hence, very few businesses in Nigeria have a deliberate, well-thought-out digital advertising policy centred around digital direct response advertising.

If your business (or company) does not have a sizable percentage of your annual advertising budget dedicated to digital direct response marketing (and advertising), then your competition will snatch a bigger share of your target market before you realise it.

Common Advertising Mistakes In Nigeria That Cost Your Business Money

I am constantly amazed at how much money businesses in Nigeria are pumping into non-digital advertising like billboard advertising, TV advertising, radio advertising and print media advertising in this digital age.

In fact, non-digital media buying consumes a huge chunk of the advertising budget of many companies in Nigeria. And much of this kind of advertising does not have a direct correlation with the sales volume of their business.

What does that mean?

It means that there is no guarantee that a 10 million Naira billboard will produce 12 million Naira in sales.

Most billboards, TV, radio and print ads are actually branding (or awareness) ads. That means those ads do not result in immediate sale. They merely create public awareness about the existence of your product or service.

Of course, branding advertising (or awareness ads) should be part of your overall advertising strategy.

But they should not consume the bulk of your advertising budget because they do not produce instant sales for your business, they do not bring instant cash for your business. And cash is king!

Unfortunately, a lot of businesses spend a huge chunk of their advertising budget on awareness ads.

This is a huge advertising mistake!

You would think that this kind of advertising mistake would only occur in small to medium sized businesses.

The truth is . . . many big national and multinational companies still fall into this advertising trap.

The sales and marketing executives of many companies are filled with individuals that are comfortable with the old school advertising style of media buying on radio and television. And they do not want to rock the boat.

This group of management staff prefer to maintain the status quo because maintaining the status quo makes them relevant and keeps their jobs safe.

The worst culprits are the old school advertising companies who earn juicy commission from media buying budgets. Therefore, they are not excited about recommending digital direct response advertising to their clients.

Bottom line.

Focusing on media buying in old school advertising networks instead of focusing on digital direct response marketing and advertising will put your business at risk in the long-term.

So, if you're the MD / CEO (or a director or part of senior management), do not let this bad practice continue in your company.

Make the switch to digital direct response advertising RIGHT NOW.

Digital Direct Response Advertising And Cash Flow

Digital direct response advertising brings immediate cash flow to any Nigeria business who implements this digital marketing strategy.


It is because digital direct response marketing and advertising is focused on direct sales . . . immediate sales.

Digital Direct Response Advertising Nigeria

In fact, the goal of digital direct response advertising is to get social media leads to buy your products or services immediately (or within a few days) by offering them incentives that entice them to buy right away.

Consequently, when you run digital direct response advertising campaigns, you are able to match the money spent in digital advertising with the sales generated by the advertising campaign. And then you can calculate your advertising ROI.

For example, if you spend 10 million Naira in digital advertising and generate 30 million Naira in sales, then your Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) is 3. That is, your business earned 3 times the amount it spent in digital advertising.

Get the point?

Digital direct response marketing and advertising brings immediate sales, immediate cash to the business. And your business needs steady cash flow to pay bills as they come.

Remember . . . if your business is not bringing in steady cash flow (enough cash each week to pay your bills), your business is at risk of shutting down.

Therefore, I highly recommend that a large percentage of your advertising budget should be dedicated to running digital direct response advertising campaigns.

Branding and awareness advertising is great.

However, what brings instant cash to your business is direct response marketing and advertising on social media.

Social media advertising focused on direct sales is essential to getting more customers and making more money for your business.

Digital Direct Response Marketing And Advertising Service In Nigeria

The good news is . . . you don't need to go in search of a digital direct response marketing and advertising specialist in Nigeria.

We offer a digital direct response advertising software in Nigeria that helps businesses sell their products and services on social media platforms like Facebook.

Our digital direct response advertising system will help you get more customers from Facebook, make more money and get a higher return on your digital marketing investment.

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