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Facebook Advertising Nigeria - The Advantages

The Secret To Increase Sales With Advertising On Facebook

Facebook advertising is getting more and more popular in Nigeria because of the importance of advertising on Facebook.

So, what are the key benefits of advertising your Nigeria business on Facebook?

First, advertising on Facebook gives you opportunity to show case your products or services to the millions of Nigeria residents on Facebook.

Why does this matter?

Well, according to Statista, there were 24 million Facebook users in Nigeria in 2019. And that number is expected to climb to about 30.4 million in 2023.

24 million Nigeria residents in Facebook!


That is a huge audience, a huge market!

So, how do you get more customers and increase sales?

Simple. Just advertise on Facebook.

Bottom line.

If you really want to get more customers for your business, Facebook advertising is just what you need to get the desired result.

Facebook Location Targeting - The Secret To Get More Customers For Your Local Business

When you advertise on Facebook, the platform gives you an opportunity to target Facebook users who live or work around the location where your business is situated.

This targeting option in Facebook has generated (and continues to generate) hundreds of clients for local businesses like restaurants, gyms, beauty salons and other local businesses in Nigeria with products and services for sale.

How does this location targeting work?

Let's take an example to drive the point home.

Consider a restaurant located in Victoria Island Lagos.

Who is likely to walk into the restaurant for breakfast launch or dinner?

Someone who lives and works in Ikorodu Lagos? Or someone who lives and works in Festac town Lagos?

Of course, people who live or work near the restaurant are most likely to respond to offers from the restaurant when they see them on Facebook.

Guess what.

The Facebook advertising location targeting feature enables a restaurant owner to target people who are near her restaurant and woo them with deals or offers to prompt them to walk-in and eat.

This targeting feature ensures you spend less per customer acquired compared to offline advertising media like radio, TV and newspaper ads.

Showing your Facebook advertising campaigns to only the right audience also means you get a higher conversion rate and make more sales.

No wonder Facebook advertising is getting more popular!

NOTE: Many local business owners still fail with Facebook ads even with the location targeting feature because they are not social media marketing experts. Therefore, I highly recommend you engage the services of a Nigeria digital marketing specialist with expertise in social ads in order to increase sales with Facebook advertising.

Facebook Marketing And Advertising Campaigns - Remember To Follow Up!

One of the problems with offline advertising in radio, TV, billboards and print media is this: the offline media advertising companies cannot provide you data with respect to people who saw your ads and showed interest in it.

When you do not know who showed interest in your product or service offers, you cannot send them follow up messages.

If you cannot send follow up messages, you cannot convert them to paying customers.

Guess what.

Digital marketing and advertising on Facebook solves this problem.

Facebook advertising gives you access to data about people who showed interest in the products or services you're offering for sale on the Facebook platform. And they further give you a way to retarget (or reconnect) with them to send further follow up messages.


What is all the drama about follow-up about?

What is the importance of following up with potential customers?

In simple words . . . the sale is in the follow up.

This means that the more you follow up with potential customers, the higher the percentage that will convert to paying customers.

Put differently . . . great follow up means more customers and more money for you! And Facebook advertising empowers you to do just that!

Facebook Marketing Automation - Marketing Made Easy!

Here's another super important reason why you definitely should use digital marketing and advertising on Facebook for your business.

The Facebook advertising platform provides automation tools that allow advertisers to. . .

  • Automate marketing conversations
  • Automate follow up and
  • Deliver even higher conversion rate for businesses

One of such Facebook marketing automation tools is the Facebook messenger marketing software.

The Facebook messenger marketing software is a conversational marketing software that empowers your business to start marketing conversations with potential customers on Facebook messenger, follow up with them at set intervals and even integrate with email automation platforms for further follow up via email.

Bottom line.

If you want to get more customers for your business (and achieve lower customer acquisition cost) through Facebook advertising, you must use the Facebook messenger conversational marketing software with your advertising campaigns on Facebook.

This is the secret to Facebook advertising success!

Facebook Advertising Services - Get More Customers, Make More Money And Grow Your Business!

The good news is this . . . we provide Facebook advertising services that meets all the guidelines discussed above.

Our Nigeria Facebook advertising services is designed to help YOU deploy the best Facebook marketing and advertising campaigns for your business.

We provide our clients the best advertising campaigns possible and integrate this with our messenger conversational marketing software that . . .

1. Attracts targeted leads from Facebook

2. Automatically follow up with those leads and

3. Convert a sizable portion of them to paying customers

Our messenger marketing software ensures you get higher conversion rate and get more customers from your Facebook advertising campaigns.

Remember . . . more customers means MORE money for you.

Want to get more customers?

Want to pay less per customer acquired?

Want to increase sales and grow your business?

Click HERE for FREE consultation with Samson Itoje, the Nigeria digital marketing specialist.

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