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Get Higher Conversion Rate, Lower Customer Acquisition Cost And Higher Profit

We recommend you use a Facebook marketing software in your digital marketing campaigns irrespective of the social media marketing strategy you intend to use.

The process of using a Facebook marketing and advertising software in a Facebook marketing campaign is often referred to as Facebook messenger marketing.

This kind of marketing strategy is called a Facebook Messenger marketing strategy because your ads appear in the Facebook Messenger app. And Facebook shows your messenger ads only to people who use the Facebook Messenger app.

Wait a minute.

Why should any Nigeria business owner bother to use a Facebook marketing software when advertising on Facebook?

Why is Facebook messenger marketing such a big deal?

Why should you adopt messenger marketing as part of your overall digital marketing strategy in Nigeria?

The Benefits of Facebook Messenger Marketing

In order to understand the value of marketing on Facebook using a Facebook marketing software that shows your ads to Facebook messenger users, you need to first understand how people use the Facebook messenger app.

So, how do people use the Facebook messenger app in Nigeria?

They use the Facebook messenger app to chat with . . .

  • Friends
  • Colleagues
  • Family members
  • Business associates
  • Prospects and
  • Customers.

Why do users of Facebook messenger love using the app?

Simple. It is because they enjoy the conversational style of the app. And so they return to converse with their contacts over and over again using the Facebook messenger app.

This natural interaction of Facebook messenger users highlights one of the benefits of using Facebook messenger marketing when advertising on Facebook.

In simple words . . . it is essential to promote your goods and services using Facebook messenger marketing because the messenger ads will appear to  users of the platform like normal conversations, the same way they converse with friends and family.

Therefore, the conversion rate is higher when you use Facebook messenger marketing.

This means that you convert more leads to customers when you use Facebook messenger to start sales conversations with prospects.

Want to convert MORE prospects to customers and make MORE money?

Use Facebook messenger marketing software for your marketing campaigns on Facebook!

But Wait.

How does this automatic sales conversations with potential customers about your products and services happen in the messenger app?

This automatic sales conversations happen when you use a Facebook marketing software along with your Facebook marketing campaigns.

How Facebook Marketing Software Helps You Make MORE Money

The Nigeria Facebook marketing software is designed to start conversations with leads, prospects and customers on the Facebook messenger platform.

Let's consider the process of starting sales conversations with leads or prospective customers.

You start with telling us the kind of conversations you (or your sales people) have with prospects that eventually results in them buying your product or service.

Facebook Marketing Software Nigeria

We then load a simplified form of those conversations into the Facebook marketing software we designed for your business.

When we design a Facebook Ad campaign promoting your product or service, the campaign is linked to the Facebook sales and marketing software.

When someone who has the Facebook messenger app installed on their phone shows interest in what you're selling by clicking the Facebook Ad, the Facebook marketing software starts a conversation with that person in the Facebook messenger app.

In simple words . . . the potential customer starts chatting with your business (through the marketing software). And the marketing software provides the potential customer all the information she needs about your product or service to make a buying decision.

What happens next?

A sizable number of people decide to buy from you because they thoroughly enjoyed chatting with your business.

In summary . . . using a Facebook messenger marketing software for your Facebook advertising campaign has the following benefits:

  • Instant response to enquiries from prospects and customers
  • 24/7 availability. The software does not sleep.
  • Consistent marketing message to all prospects who interact with your Facebook ads
  • Higher conversion rate because of the personalised conversational style
  • Lower customer acquisition cost
  • Higher Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • Higher marketing roi
  • Increased sales
  • Increased profit

Bottom line.

Your business is losing money if you're not using the Nigeria Facebook marketing software.

This Facebook messenger marketing software is designed to help you make more money . . . period.

Click HERE for a FREE DEMO of the Nigeria messenger marketing software and experience the personalised conversational style of the software that leads to increased sales.

Yes, make more money selling your products (or services) through marketing conversations initiated by our Facebook chat marketing software!

P.S: FACEBOOK is a trademark of FACEBOOK, Inc. This Nigeria digital marketing website is not part of Facebook Inc. This site is NOT endorsed by Facebook. It was created by Samson Itoje, the Nigeria digital marketing specialist, to help businesses in Nigeria succeed with marketing on Facebook (and other social media platforms).

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