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Facebook Marketing Strategy Nigeria

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Having the right Facebook marketing strategy in Nigeria is essential to getting more customers and making more money from your business.

This is because using the wrong Facebook marketing strategy will result in little or zero sales.

Many Nigeria business owners who have tried Facebook marketing (or Facebook advertising) on their own have concluded that this digital marketing thing on Facebook does not work because they pumped money into it and sold very little.

In fact, some Nigeria business people who advertised on Facebook made zero sales.

But wait.

Can your business really generate a lot of sales from marketing on Facebook?

The answer is . . . Yes.

Facebook marketing campaigns can help your business increase sales right here in Nigeria.

However, for that to happen, you must adopt the right Facebook marketing strategy.

It all starts with having the right knowledge of how Facebook marketing works.

Digital Marketing On Facebook - Top 3 Things Nigeria Business Owners Need To Know To Succeed

The first important fact to keep in mind when thinking of advertising on Facebook is this . . . Facebook is a social media platform.

People all over Nigeria use Facebook to . . .

  • Find old friends
  • Share updates with friends and family
  • Share news
  • Share jokes

. . . and generally just socialise.

This means that Facebook is not an online shopping mall.

Therefore, users of the platform do not visit the platform looking for something to buy.

This is the very reason why digital marketing experts often refer to Facebook marketing as a top of funnel marketing platform.

How should this knowledge affect your Facebook marketing strategy?

Simple. Your digital marketing strategy on Facebook should be a long-term strategy not a short-term hit-and-quit strategy.

Facebook Marketing Strategy: Fact #2: Retargeting Increases Marketing ROI!

Here's a second thing to remember when considering advertising on social media networks like Facebook.

The target audiences most Nigeria businesses advertise to on Facebook are cold audiences. That is, groups of people who have not previously shown interest in the products or services you're offering for sale.

Facebook Marketing Specialist Nigeria

Therefore, to warm them up (and get them in a position where they are excited about buying from you), they need to see your ads over and over again.

That is exactly what Facebook retargeting ads do.

Retargeting is the process of displaying your product or service offers again and again (in different scenarios) to people who interacted with your Facebook ads at one point or another.

The precision of retargeting ads by Facebook is the one thing that makes digital marketing on Facebook superior to other social networks.

So, how many times on average do potential customers need to see ads from a business (or company) before they finally decide to buy?

The Financial Brand quotes a study done by Microsoft, which indicates that consumers need to be exposed to a marketing message between 6 to 20 times before they can decide to do business with the company behind the messages.

Bottom line.

Prospects need to see your product or service ads an average of about 10 times (on different occasions) to eventually take you seriously and buy from you. And the more expensive the product is, the higher the number of times they need to see your product or service offers before they reach the emotional state that prompts them to buy from you.

No wonder many Nigeria businesses fail when it comes to Facebook marketing!

In simple words . . . most businesses in Nigeria fail with digital marketing on Facebook because their in-house Facebook marketing strategy does not take this fact into consideration.

In summary, effective retargeting ads strategy on Facebook is the key to Facebook marketing success.

Guess what.

You need a digital marketing specialist to effectively create and manage this kind of success-focused Facebook retargeting ads.

Yes, your in-house crew most likely don't have that expertise.

Marketing On Facebook And Winning: Fact #3: Audience Segmentation Is Gold!

An effective Facebook marketing strategy in Nigeria seeks to do the following:

  • Determine the target audience for the product or service for sale
  • Advertise to that audience
  • Segment the audience into different interests (Marketing Segmentation)
  • Retarget the segment of the initial audience who are most likely to buy

Marketing on Facebook gives you access to loads of data about your target audience. And that data can help you pinpoint prospects (or people in the target market) who are most likely to buy from your business.

Here's the good news.

Once you can narrow down to that golden audience willing to buy from you, you can use Facebook audience targeting techniques to find people in Facebook who are exactly like them and substantially increase your sales and profit.

Bottom line.

Using the right Facebook marketing strategy is essential for . . .

  • Getting more customers for your business on a consistent basis
  • Reducing the customer acquisition cost through viral marketing campaigns on Facebook
  • Customer segmentation to know what sort of upsells to offer each category of customers (and increase earnings per customer) and
  • Increasing brand loyalty through personalised chat with customers using the Facebook marketing software (also called Messenger marketing Software)

So . . . are you ready for Facebook marketing success right here in Lagos Nigeria (and all over Nigeria)?

Want to increase your Facebook marketing ROI?

Want to acquire new customers at lower costs, sell more products or services and make MORE money from you business?

Click HERE for FREE consultation with Samson Itoje, the Nigeria Facebook marketing specialist.

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