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Digital Lead Generation Strategy Nigeria – The Secret To Get More Clients

Implementing a proven digital lead generation strategy is essential to getting more clients for your business anywhere you do business in Nigeria.

That is why this Nigeria digital marketing website is dedicated to helping you understand how digital lead generation works and how you can use the strategies discussed to get more leads for your business.

Let's start by understanding some basic terms.

First, what is digital lead generation?

A lead is a potential customer. And digital lead refers to potential customers attracted to your Nigeria business through online promotional strategies.

Therefore, digital lead generation refers to the different online techniques employed to find potential customers for a business. And, thereafter, keep in touch with those prospects to eventually convert them to paying customers.

Nigeria Digital Lead Generation Techniques

Nigeria digital lead generation techniques are similar to lead generation techniques used globally.

The popular lead generation strategies include:

  • Building a website to promote your products or services
  • Writing guest articles in popular blogs
  • Promoting your products (or services) in online forums
  • Advertising in popular blogs
  • Email marketing in popular email lists
  • SMS marketing and
  • Advertising in popular social media platforms
Digital Lead Generation Strategy

Let's take a moment to talk about the first digital marketing strategy, which is popular among most business owners in Nigeria. That is, promoting your products or services through your business website.

This approach is good, especially if you're a webmaster who is a specialist when it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO), or you wish to employ an SEO specialist.

In simple terms . . . Search engine optimisation means becoming an expert in ranking your web site higher in Google search results. That is, getting Google to love tens of pages on your website. And, hence, show them among the top 10 listings in the Google search engine results page for their respective search terms.

This type of digital lead generation strategy is referred to as FREE traffic generation through Google.

But . . . anything that is FREE is usually unreliable.

There is no guarantee that you will get loads of FREE leads (and customers) if you pay huge sums of money to an SEO specialist to optimise your business website for Google.

Yes, it would be awesome if you could get Google to send thousands of people to your business website every day. That volume of traffic will generate a lot of sales for your business.

Unfortunately, waiting for FREE traffic from Google is not a winning strategy for most businesses.

In fact, most business web sites get very little free traffic from Google.

As a business owner with bills to pay (and a desire to make profit from your business), you need a better lead generation strategy.

You want leads (and customers) NOW . . . not in 6 months time.

Cost Effective Digital Lead Generation Technique

So, what is the most cost effective digital lead generation technique?

The answer is . . . social advertising. That is, advertising on social media networks like Facebook.

Why do we say social media advertising is the most cost effective digital lead generation strategy?

It is because social media digital marketing campaigns consistently deliver low customer acquisition cost for digital marketing experts who know what they are doing.

You see, social media advertising (e.g. advertising on Facebook) allows Nigeria digital marketing specialists to offer local lead generation services to businesses in Nigeria.


It is because of a social media lead generation technique called targeting.

For example, when a digital marketing specialist is looking to attract local leads for, say, a local business (e.g. a fast food restaurant) situated in Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria, the digital marketing specialist can target people within 5 to 10 miles of that fast food restaurant.

What does that mean?

It means only Facebook users who are working (or living) 5 to 10 miles around the fast food restaurant can see the Facebook ads for that restaurant. And because they are not too far from the restaurant, they can easily walk or drive to the restaurant to claim the restaurant offer.

This kind of precise targeting cannot be achieved by radio or TV ads!

Guess what.

When a Nigeria digital marketing specialist is able to target the exact people who need what the local business is selling, the conversion rate becomes higher and the customer acquisition cost becomes lower.

Lower customer acquisition cost means higher profit for you the business owner.

The Best Digital Lead Generation Strategy

Digital leads eventually because paying customers.

This means that if you want to get more customers to your business, you need to get a lot of leads (or prospective customers).

The best digital lead generation strategy to deliver what you seek, which is MORE customers, is to employ a Nigeria digital specialist and let him set up direct response lead generation campaigns with irresistible offers.

In addition, to ensure you get a higher conversion rate and lower acquisition cost, ensure the digital marketing specialist runs all your Facebook lead generation campaigns using a digital lead generation software.

When this proven digital lead generation process is implemented for your business, your business will get more customers (at lower cost per customer) and a higher return on marketing investment.

Ready to get MORE leads and MORE customers for your business?

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