Marketing Self Assessment Guide Nigeria

Understand Where You Are And What You Need To Increase Sales

This FREE Nigeria marketing self-assessment guide is designed to help you honestly evaluate how much you’re currently spending on marketing as well as the results you’re currently getting.

The honest question you need to ask yourself is: "Are my marketing campaigns making my business money or wasting money?"

Marketing Self Assessment Nigeria

The truth is . . . for your business to increase sales, you need to understand where you are currently in terms of the total amount you're currently spending on marketing. And to understand where you are, you need to ask yourself some tough questions about what you're currently doing.

Therefore, the first part of this marketing self assessment guide include questions to help you gather information about your total marketing spend per year. And the revenue that your total marketing spend is generating for your business.

The second part of the self assessment guide helps you think through where you will like to be . . . the kind of results you will like your business to get.

Finally, we offer recommendations on how best you can deploy your current marketing budget to achieve the results you desire.

Self Assessment Questions That Lead To Increased Sales

Let's summarise what we have said so far to drive the point home.

In summary . . . this marketing self assessment guide is a 3-step process that answers four key questions:

  • What is your business currently spending on marketing?
  • What revenue is that total marketing spend generating for your business?
  • What kind of revenue do you want your current marketing spend to generate?
  • What do you need to do to get the desired result?

Tough questions, right?

The truth is . . . you need to honestly answer these questions for you to increase your marketing ROI and increase sales.

Yes, be truthful to yourself!

BONUS: When you honestly answer the following self-assessment questions, we will offer you FREE consultation with our Nigeria digital marketing specialist who will give you recommendations to help you substantially increase sales with your current marketing budget.

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Marketing Self Assessment

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