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How To Get More Customers To Your Restaurant Through Facebook Advertising

Nigeria digital restaurant advertising is the secret to get more customers eating at your restaurant.

What does that mean?

In simple terms . . . it means that you need to get a Nigeria digital marketing specialist to help you setup restaurant marketing campaigns in social media networks (like Facebook) in order to get loads of new customers eating at your restaurant.

But why promote your restaurant (and its delicious food) through social media advertising?

Simple answer . . . A large percentage of your potential customers are in social media platforms like Facebook every day.

In fact, some people check their Facebook account for new messages (and to watch funny videos) more than 10 times every day.

Bottom line.

Facebook is the place to get more customers for your restaurant!

So, how do potential customers find your restaurant (and its mouth-watering menu) on Facebook?

Yes, through digital restaurant advertising on Facebook!

Social Media Advertising On Facebook - Paid Ads Versus Organic reach

Some restaurant owners in Nigeria understand that there is opportunity to make a sale wherever people are present in large numbers.

Guess what.

Restaurant Advertising Nigeria

Nigerians are available in large numbers on social media.

Facebook is filled with millions of active users from Nigeria.

Consequently, many restaurant owners understand that they can get a sizable number of new customers through Facebook advertising.

You may be one of those Nigeria restaurant owners who have reached this level of understanding. And, therefore, have tried one time or the other to advertise on Facebook.

Unfortunately, many restaurant owners in Lagos Nigeria who have tried promoting their restaurant menu on Facebook have not got as many customers as they expected.

Therefore, many have reached the conclusion that marketing on Facebook is not as profitable as they have been led to believe.

There are two reasons why digital restaurant advertising on Facebook has not yielded the kind of result many restaurant owners in Nigeria desire.

First, many restaurant owners who venture into social media advertising with Facebook focus on free advertising.

That is, they . . .

  • Create a Facebook business page
  • Invite their friends and family to like the page
  • Post pictures of their delicious food on the page and
  • Wait for customers to come

This strategy of digital restaurant marketing is called organic Facebook marketing. In other words, trying to find customers through Organic Reach.

Facebook advertising through the Organic Reach method EQUALS free advertising.

That is, you are desiring to reach potential customers on Facebook without spending any money.

The truth is . . . that strategy of digital marketing on Facebook will not get you the desired result.

To get loads of customers finding your restaurant menu on Facebook (and walking into your restaurant to eat), you have to use paid advertising.

That means you pay Facebook to show your delicious, tantalising restaurant menu to Facebook users. And when you pay for something, you get what you pay for.

Bottom line.

Want to get more customers eating at your restaurant?

Use paid digital restaurant advertising on Facebook.

"I Am Using Paid Facebook Restaurant Marketing. And I Am Getting Few Customers!"

Does using paid Facebook restaurant marketing (or advertising) gaurantee your success?

The answer is . . . NO.

Why is the answer "NO" when you actually paid to advertise your restaurant menu?

Most regular people venturing into digital marketing and advertising through Facebook fail with paid ads because they are novices in paid digital advertising.

You see, the Facebook advertising platform is run through Facebook Algorithms. That is, it is powered by a software (or group of software tools).

A software is not a human. What you put in, is what you will get out. (Yes, "garbage in, garbage out").

The Facebook advertising algorithm is designed to help you find your target market on Facebook and market to them. The term "target market" used here means Facebook users who are most likely to visit your restaurant to eat your deliciously cook meals.

However, if you are not a Facebook digital marketing specialist, you will most likely setup your Facebook restaurant advertising campaigns the wrong way. And when you do not setup your campaigns right, your ads will NOT be shown to the right audience.

What happens when your ads are not shown to the right audience?

Simple. You will make very little sales.

The above discussion brings us to the second reason why many restaurant marketing campaigns on Facebook fail.

The second reason why many Facebook restaurant advertising campaigns fail is because many Nigeria restaurant owners want to run their campaigns themselves. Or they employ an inexperienced friend (or relation) to design and manage their Facebook marketing campaigns.

That is a recipe for failure!

Facebook Restaurant Advertising Strategy That Works!

In summary . . . if you desire to get more customers for your Nigeria restaurant through Facebook advertising, ensure you engage the services of a Nigeria digital marketing specialist who is an expert in conversational marketing.

The Facebook conversational marketing specialist will . . .

1. Run paid direct response Facebook ads for your restaurant

2. Integrate the direct response advertising campaigns with Facebook messenger conversational marketing software

3. Integrate automatic follow-up with leads

4. Convert more leads to paying customers and

5. Increase Sales

Want to get more customers through Facebook restaurant advertising?

Click HERE for a FREE consulting session with Samson Itoje, the Nigeria digital marketing professional with specialisation in conversational marketing.

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