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Nigeria Restaurant Marketing Strategy - Ways To Increase Sales

Nigeria restaurant marketing on Facebook can be very profitable.

However, for restaurant owners to achieve the desired goal, they must run the right kind of marketing campaigns on Facebook using the services of a Nigeria digital marketing specialist.


What is the desired goal of restaurant owners?

In summary . . . restaurant owners in Nigeria want at least two things:

1. They want a proven marketing system to get MORE new customers to their restaurant on a regular basis and

2. They want a way to get existing customers to return to eat at their restaurant more often

More new customers + Existing customers returning MORE often = Increased Sales = Growth

The good news is . . . we offer a two-prong digital restaurant marketing strategy that helps restaurant owners achieve the two goals listed above.

Goal #1: Get New Customers With Facebook Marketing Software

We help Nigeria restaurant owners achieve their first goal of getting new customers on a regular basis through the use of Facebook marketing software.

We offer a unique Facebook messenger conversational marketing software which empowers Nigeria restaurants to show case their delicious menu to Facebook users through the Facebook messenger app.

Restaurant Marketing Nigeria

The process is pretty simple:

1. We show case your restaurant's most attractive menu to Facebook users

2. We include in the offer an incentive that is too-good-to-decline

3. When they show interest in your offer, the Facebook messenger marketing software starts a conversation with them in Messenger

4. That personalised messenger marketing conversation builds a relationship with them

5. The messenger marketing software then offers then a digital coupon that entices them to walk-in and taste the delicious food at your restaurant

Restaurant marketing on Facebook with this sales oriented marketing software ensures that you get higher conversion rate and get more new customers to your restaurant week after week and month after month.

Goal #2: How To Get Your Existing Customers To Return More Often

Most restaurant owners in Nigeria brainstorm a lot about how to get their existing customers to return to eat at their restaurant more often.


Simple. The more often existing customers return to eat at your restaurant, the more money you will make per customer. And the more profitable your restaurant business will become.

For example, if a customer ate at your restaurant for the very first time in 2019. And then returned two more times during the year, that means you sold to him 3 times during that year.

Suppose he returned to eat 5 more times during the year (instead of 2 times), that means you sold to him 6 times during the year.

Now suppose the customer spends 1,500 Naira during each of those visits.

If he eats at your restaurant 3 times during the year, your restaurant will earn 4,500 Naira from his visits to your restaurant.

On the other hand, if he ate at your restaurant 6 times during the year in question, your restaurant will earn 9,000 Naira from his visits to your restaurant.

In simple words . . . your restaurant has earned 100 percent more money from this particular customer while spending little or no extra money in advertising.

Yes, more return customers EQUALS more money for your restaurant!

No wonder restaurant owners dream a lot about getting more return customers to their restaurant!

I have good news for you.

We offer a digital restaurant marketing strategy that is designed to help you get more customers returning to eat at your restaurant.

Our restaurant digital marketing system . . .

1. Creates a digital database of existing customers for your restaurant

2. Establish a loyalty program that offer incentives for repeat visits and

3. Track the sales from both new and existing customers with a simple dashboard so you can see how much EXTRA money our ROI focused marketing program is bringing to your restaurant

Restaurant Marketing System That Makes You MORE Money!

You have dedicated chefs in your restaurant that cook amazing food.

Your joy is to see more people enjoying that delicious food at your restaurant.

We can help you make that dream come true through our digital restaurant marketing system.

Click HERE for FREE consultation with Samson Itoje, the digital restaurant marketing specialist.

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