ROI Marketing Nigeria - Marketing Campaigns That Deliver Increased Sales And Profit

ROI marketing is digital marketing that is designed to deliver increased sales for businesses who adopt it.

This means that if your business in Nigeria implement this type of marketing, you are guaranteed to get a return on your marketing investment.

What do I mean when I say return on marketing investment?

Return on marketing investment means that if you invest a part of your marketing budget on ROI focused digital marketing, you will generate sales which is a multiple of the amount invested.

Let me break it down to help you understand how powerful this ROI marketing strategy is and why you should implement it for your Nigeria business.

Return On Marketing Investment - A Simple definition

Return on marketing investment is calculated as total sales generated from all marketing campaigns divided by the amount invested in those marketing campaigns.

This is expressed mathematically below:

Revenue generated by all marketing campaigns DIVIDED by amount spent on all marketing campaigns = Marketing ROI

ROI Marketing Nigeria

For example, if the total marketing spend of your business is one million Naira and that amount generated sales of 3 million Naira, then your marketing ROI is 3.

In simpler words . . . if marketing ROI is 3, it means the revenue generated by your marketing investment is 3 times the amount invested in marketing.

Similarly, if your marketing ROI is 5, it means the amount generated by your marketing investment is 5 times the amount invested in marketing.

Bottom line.

If your business wishes to increase sales, you need to implement roi marketing in your business.

ROI marketing is a digital marketing strategy that ensures that you invest your marketing budget only on social media marketing campaigns that generate higher ROI for your business.

Higher ROI means more new customers, increased sales and increased profit for your business.

Implement ROI Marketing In Your Business - Increase Sales And Profit

I have a question for you: What is the marketing ROI of your business?

Most likely you don't know.

Guess what.

You're not alone.

Most business owners just throw money at marketing with the hope that their marketing efforts will generate some sales for their business.

Unfortunately, hope is not a reliable marketing strategy.

A better marketing strategy is to invest in our ROI marketing system, which is a digital marketing strategy that is proven to increase sales for businesses in Nigeria.

Benefits of our ROI marketing system include:

  • Higher conversion rate
  • Higher customer retention rate
  • Lower customer acquisition cost
  • Increase sales and
  • Higher marketing ROI

Want to increase sales and profit using a proven ROI marketing system?

Click HERE for FREE consultation with Samson Itoje, the Nigeria marketing ROI specialist.

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