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Digital Sales Tracking Software Nigeria

Real-Time Tracking of Revenue From Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Our digital sales tracking software empower businesses in Nigeria to keep accurate record of all sales resulting from their digital marketing campaigns.

This simple to use digital sales tracking app comes with a simple dashboard that shows . . .

  • Total revenue from individual digital marketing campaigns
  • Total revenue from all digital marketing campaigns combined
  • Average earnings per sale and
  • Total number of sales that generated the total revenue

The best part is . . . this digital sales record is updated real-time.

This means that individual sales data are entered automatically into the online sales database as the sale is happening. And the total revenue is also automatically calculated as the individual sale happens.

The Importance of Digital Sales Tracking

This Nigeria digital sales tracking system has 3 key benefits:

First, it allows the business owner (or the management team) to have LIVE, Real-Time data of the revenue coming into the business on a daily basis

Second, it allows the business owner (or the management team) to see the total sales-to-date for the year.

Third, the business owner is easily able to match (or compare) the total amount spent in digital marketing and advertising campaigns to the total revenue generated by the marketing and advertising campaigns in question.

With this raw data available to the business owner (or the management team) real-time, they can easily calculate the return on their marketing investment.

Bottom line.

Our Nigeria digital marketing tracking software helps businesses in Nigeria track sales from all their digital marketing campaigns real-time so they know what is working and what is not.

This real-time data then empowers management to take quick decisions to drop what is not working and do MORE of what is delivering profitable sales.

In simple words . . . our digital sales tracking app helps businesses in Nigeria make MORE money and increase the profitability of their business.

Digital Sales Tracking Software: Low Cost. Web-Based. Simple Dashboard. 24/7 Access.

Here's one more thing you need to know about our digital sales tracking system: It is a done-for-you digital tracking app.

  • You don't need to download any software
  • You don't need any technical knowledge
  • You don't need any software experience
  • You don't need to read any voluminous and complex user manual

We setup the sales tracking system for your business and you're given access to view your sales data real-time.

Digital Sales Tracking Software Nigeria

In addition, your sales data is stored in a secure server. This means you can track your business revenue (or sales performance) anywhere you go.

Yes, you can keep track of the sales performance of your business even when you're out of the country!

WoW! This is beautiful!

Want to keep track of all revenue from your digital marketing campaigns in real-time . . . and from a simple dashboard?

Want to be able to calculate your marketing roi any time, any day and anywhere you go?

Want to have real-time access to the sales data of your business anywhere you are in Nigeria (or even when you're outside the country)?

Click HERE for a FREE DEMO of the Nigeria sales tracking software.

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