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Social Media Branding Strategy Nigeria

Simple Technique To Increase Sales With Facebook Branding Ads

Social media branding is essential for your Nigeria business whether you already have a business website or not.

"Why?", you may ask.

It is because branding on social media exposes your product or service to an entirely new group of potential customers.

The truth is . . . if you have a search engine optimised business website, searches for your business (or product) name in Google could show your business website in the search results page.

If this happens for your business website, that appearance of your business website in Google listings could generate substantial sales for your business . . . if a lot of potential customers find your product or service website through Google.

However, most businesses do not get substantial leads (and customers) to their business website from Google. And even those who do still need even more customers.

Where would you get those additional customers for your business from?

Yes, through social media branding.

Branding On Social Media Versus Offline Branding

So, how does social media branding work?

Social media branding differs from offline branding in two ways:

First, product or service branding on social media is all about digital branding. That is, no paper work required.

Social Media Branding Nigeria

Branding in social media digital marketing is first about converting most of the offline branding materials you already have into digital formats.

The popular digital marketing formats are pictures and videos uploading into social medial platforms like Facebook.

The most effective social media digital format is video, especially viral videos.

Branding your business in social media with viral videos involves creating "delicious" shareable videos highlighting the key benefits of your product (or service) while at the same time touching the emotional buying spots of potential customers.

Social Media Branding Technique - Waiting Versus Acting

The second way in which digital branding on social media differs from offline branding is this:

Offline branding is mostly about branding and waiting for something amazing to happen to your business as a result of passersby seeing your brand.

On the other hand, social media branding is about using all (or most) of your branding materials in social media. And then using paid social media advertising to reach as many social media users as possible . . . day after day, week after week, month after month.

In simple words . . . offline branding is passive while social media branding is active.

Social media branding coupled with social media advertising is often called branding advertising.

Increase Sales With Social Branding Ads PLUS Digital Conversational Marketing Software

Here's some tough truth for YOU.

Simply posting social branding images and videos on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is not enough to get loads of customers.

To get a lot of customers to your business, you need a lot of leads.

To get a lot of leads, hundreds (or even thousands) of people need to see your social media branding ads.

So, how will thousands of people see your branding advertising on social media, which in turn will enable you get lots of new customers?

That is only possible through PAID social media advertising.

Yes, your social media marketing strategy must include PAID branding ads.

However, simply using paid branding ads on social media platforms like Facebook is not enough.

It is not enough to implement paid social media branding using paid Facebook branding ads alone.

If your desire is to get more customers for your business (month after month) and achieve the lowest customer acquisition cost possible, you MUST use a conversational marketing software (the Facebook messenger marketing software) in conjunction with your Facebook branding ads.

Guess what.

You don't have to crack your head searching for Nigeria social media experts who know how to execute Facebook branding campaigns that integrate Facebook messenger marketing software with branding ads on Facebook.

Our Nigeria social media marketing services offer digital marketing campaigns that combine Facebook branding ads with the Facebook messenger marketing software to give you the best Facebook marketing campaign results possible.

Yes, our Nigeria digital marketing services can help your business get more customers from Facebook, lower your customer acquisition cost and increase sales and profit for your business.

Click HERE for free consultation with Samson Itoje the Nigeria social media branding specialist.

P.S: FACEBOOK is a trademark of FACEBOOK, Inc. This Nigeria digital marketing website is not part of Facebook Inc. This site is NOT endorsed by Facebook. It was created by Samson Itoje, the Nigeria digital marketing specialist, to help businesses in Nigeria succeed with marketing on Facebook (and other social media platforms).

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