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Nigeria Social Media Marketing Services – Low Cost Customer Acquisition Service

Social media marketing services are now in high demand in Nigeria because of the benefits of marketing products and services on social media.

The key benefits of social media marketing campaigns include:

  • Lower customer acquisition cost
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Higher marketing ROI and
  • Increased sales and profit

If you own a business in Nigeria, you definitely want your business to be profitable.

For that to happen, you must do everything you can to keep operating costs low while at the same time attracting more new customers to your business.

The combination of low customer acquisition cost PLUS increased sales EQUALS higher profit for you.

Bottom line.

Want to increase sales and profit?

Order social media marketing services from a Nigeria digital marketing specialist.

What Social Media Marketing Package Should You Buy?

Digital marketing is a broad field.

Some digital marketing specialists focus entirely on corporate (or business) web site building services and nothing else.

Social Media Marketing Services Nigeria

In the area of social media marketing services, some social media marketing specialists focus on social media marketing packages geared entirely toward regular posting of articles on behalf of businesses in social media networks like Facebook, instagram, Twitter, Linkedin etc

Other social media marketing specialists focus on awareness campaigns in social media platforms, which results in a lot of social media users liking the business page of their clients. This creates some social media buzz around the brand of their clients.

Now you're thinking: What sort of social media marketing package should my business or company buy?

Should your company buy paid social media posting services? Or should your company buy Facebook Likes?

Before you proceed, here's something you need to understand.

Paid social media posting and Facebook Likes acquisition are both social media branding techniques. Both activities are great for branding purposes but they often do not result in new customer acquisition nor increased sales.

So, the question you (and the management team of your business) must answer is: What do we really want? Do we just want social media users to see that we are present in social media? Or do we want to increase sales?

If your goal is to increase sales through social media marketing, you must go beyond social media branding campaigns like the ones mentioned above.

Social Media Marketing Services Designed To Increase Sales And Profit

There is a third social media marketing service . . . the social media marketing technique that focuses on sales increase and nothing else.

The goal of this type of social media marketing services is to help businesses in Nigeria get more customers and increase sales.

For this to happen, this ROI focused marketing strategy uses an integrated conversational marketing software which . . .

  • Automatically start marketing conversations with people (in social media) who are the right target market for your product or service
  • Automatically create a customer database based on those who interacted with your business (for remarketing purposes) and
  • Automatically follow up to increase conversion rate and sales

The combination of this social media conversation marketing software and direct response marketing campaigns results in increased sales and profit for businesses who implement this unique social media marketing technique.

The good news is . . . we offer this marketing ROI and sales focused social media marketing services.

Our social media marketing packages are designed to help your business get more customers, reduce customer acquisition cost and increase sales and profit.

So, are you serious about increasing sales and profit for your business?

Click HERE for FREE consultation to learn more about how our social media marketing services can help your business get more customers and increase sales through social media marketing.

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