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Social Media Marketing Strategy Nigeria

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The best social media marketing strategy in Nigeria is one that help your business achieve two things:

First, the best digital marketing strategy on social media is designed to help your business get more leads.

Second, the best social ads strategy is designed to convert more leads to customers.

A higher conversion rate means a higher percentage of people who find your business on social media actually become your customers.

For example, if 100 people find your Facebook business page and 2 people buy from your business, then your lead-to-customer conversion rate is 2%.

Implementing the best social media marketing strategy can grow your conversion rate from 2% to 8% (or more). That is, you get 4 times more customers for the same marketing spend.

Quick question: Would you prefer your conversion rate to remain what it currently or would you want to get as much as four times the number of customers you currently have?

If your desire is to get four times the number of customers you currently have, then you need to implement the best social media advertising strategy using the best Facebook marketing software.

Best Digital Marketing Campaigns - The Money Is In The Follow Up!

Using a Facebook marketing software in conjunction with the best digital marketing campaigns is essential to increasing the conversion rate of your business. And your business profit.

Social Media Marketing Strategy Nigeria

However, there is another essential ingredient for getting even more customers from your social media marketing campaigns. That ingredient is follow up, which is the third aspect of the best social media marketing strategy.

Actually, the secret to getting more customers and making more money with the best social media marketing strategy is NOT just follow-up but automatic follow up using a marketing automation software that automatically follow up with prospects and customers via email and SMS.

Remember . . . the money is in the follow up!

That means, the more you follow up with leads (or prospects) and customers, the higher the number of people who will buy from you. And the more money you will make from your business.

Nigeria Best Social Media Marketing Strategy - A Multi Layered Marketing System

The best social media marketing strategy incorporates a series of marketing campaigns targeted at getting new customers and enticing existing customers to buy over and over again from your business.

In simple words . . . the best social media marketing technique is one that is designed to:

  • Get more leads for your business (a process called lead generation)
  • Follow up automatically with those leads
  • Convert a higher percentage of those leads to paying customers and
  • keep the customers coming back to buy from your business again and again

Bottom line.

The best social media marketing campaign strategy is focused on the entire marketing process from start to finish.

This kind of Nigeria digital marketing strategy is a holistic marketing system called integrated digital marketing strategy.

Guess what.

This results oriented social media marketing strategy is powered by an integrated marketing automation software.

The key marketing software tools included in this holistic marketing system include:

1. Facebook advertising using the best social media campaign strategy

2. Conversational marketing software (Facebook messenger marketing software) for personalised interaction of your business with leads and customers

3. Customer database software to keep digital record of all prospects and customers who contact your business

4. Automatic follow up system to keep your business in the hearts and minds of prospects and customers

5. Sales tracking software to keep track of the sales brought in by your digital marketing campaigns

6. Customer loyalty program software, which manages the VIP club for your customers. This software empowers your business to offer rewards to your loyal customers and excite them to keep returning to buy from you.

Implement The Best Digital Marketing Strategy - Make More Money!

Where do you get the all-in-one software to implement the best social media marketing strategy?

You do not need to look far.

We provide the integrated digital marketing automation software that empowers your business to find leads on social media, convert them to paying customers and remarket to them to buy again and again from you.

Our social media marketing services also include social media branding services that helps you quickly establish your brand on social media, which means even more sales and profit for you.

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P.S: Samson Itoje is prepared to help you get more customers through digital marketing on social media so you can make MORE money and grow your business.

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